DepoSync is the easiest way to transcribe, sync, and store your files.

With vTestify DepoSync, in partnership with LexisNexis, it’s never been easier to get the sync files that work seamlessly with Sanction (*.mdb) and TextMap (*.xmef). Don’t have a transcript? No problem. Any audio or video file can be transcribed and synced. Now client onboardings, witness statements, meetings, phone conversations, and more can be transformed into synced media.

  • Synced transcripts offer a powerful solution to organize, search, and review video testimony
  • Cloud repository to store your synced video transcript files in one place
  • Shareable link to send to your court reporter or videographer for upload
  • Video capture capability to streamline the production of sync files
  • 99% accurate verbatim transcripts
  • If it can be captured, we can transcribe and sync it

Starting at $40 for your first 30 minutes of video synchronization and $1.25 per minute after, vTestify DepoSync offers competitive rates and will save you time so you can extract insight and prepare your testimony sooner. Transcription services, when bundled with synchronization, are only $3.25 per page.

Begin the process of requesting a Synced Video Transcript file by first completing the form fields on this page.

DepoSync Request Form

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